Global Community Action Guides

Global Community Action Guides

This pack contains three booklets on community-led research created by the International Accountability Project (IAP).

These resources are focused on development projects, and contain resources and advice that would be very relevant and valuable for anyone working with or alongside an FRN or similar community project.

The booklets contain practical advice, including guidance about safety and risks involved in community action, suggested activities and questions, and a checklist breaking down the steps of the research process.

From the website description:

"Community members, organizers, and civil society representatives can use these materials to mobilize communities, document harms and rights violations, and advance community-led campaigns.


There are three booklets in this Community Action Guide:

  1. The Community Action Guide on Community-led Research provides clear and detailed guidance on each step of the research process, and suggests activities and tools to build capacity and advance community-led methods. This booklet also includes information on safety and security, and the stories of three community organizers who used community-led research to support community advocacy.

  2. We’re Experts Too! A Checklist to Support Community-led Research presents a concise overview of community-led research. Breaking down the process into clear steps from preparation to implementation to advocacy, the Checklist can be used on its own, or as a supplement to the Community Action Guide on Community-Led Research. This booklet also includes links to resources and tools to further illustrate each step.

  3. The Survey Template for Community-led Research contains instructions and sample survey questions that have been developed and used by communities and civil society partners in 14 countries around the world. These questions were designed to help communities explore their direct experiences and expertise about the process and impact of destructive development projects, and to identify their ideas and priorities for their visions of development. This template can be adapted and translated to fit different contexts, with an editable version available for download here."
Author(s): Elias Jika , International Accountability Project , Mela Chiponda , Sukhgerel Dugersuren

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