Designing Participatory On-Farm Experiments: Resources for Training

Designing Participatory On-Farm Experiments: Resources for Training

A collection of training materials to support the design of participatory on-farm experiments.

This book contains training guidelines and materials, a collection of theme papers and toolkit papers. It provides valuable reference and practical guidance for anyone interested in participatory research.

The materials in the publication resulted from a series of four training workshops on participatory on-farm experiments organized by the Statistical Services Centre between 1995 and 2000 for the benefit of scientists and technicians working under its collaborative research and development programmes and projects.

The materials were developed collaboratively between the World Agroforestry Centre and the Statistical Services Centre of the University of Reading, with financial support from the following: Netherlands' Government, European Commission, United Kingdom Department For International Development, Swedish International Development Agency, Canadian International Development Agency, Rockefeller Foundation and others.

Author(s): Carlos Barahona , Jan Beniest , Ric Coe , Steven Franzel

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