FRN Process - Design

FRN Process - Design

This step is about applying principles to facilitate the design of experiments for participatory research.

It involves choosing technology and methodologies that are appropriate for farmer involvement, and building capacity to enable farmers to take an active role in research activities. Participatory experimental design must take into account the interests and priorities of farmers and community groups.


Here are some favourites from this collection:
  • Principles of experimentation that farmers need to understand - this resource concisely summarises the concepts farmers need to be familiar with to take part in research activities. It is up to individual groups to decide how best to facilitate an understanding of these principles within their network. If you have used this resource, we'd be really interested to hear from you about how you applied it in an participatory research context. Use the contact form to get in touch.
  • Designing Participatory On-Farm Experiments: Resources for Training: This handbook is a valuable source of information for training people with experience in research or extension on how to facilitate participatory research. It contains lots of useful training material on participatory experimental design.

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