How to get involved

Share your own tools

We've jumpstarted this platform with a selection of relevant resources from our collection, but long-term we want this to be a truly community-driven toolkit. If you have a resource, workshop activity plan, survey or any kind of tool or template that's worked well for you, then perhaps other FRNs, facilitators or CCRP projects might be able to adapt for use in their work. Consider sharing it so that CCRP projects can support each other to grow.

How to share
  1. Get in touch

    Use the contact form to tell us about what you want to share. If possible, include details about who created it, why it was made, and who you think it would be helpful for.

  2. Discuss with reviewers

    A member of our team of volunteer reviewers will get in touch by email and discuss your submission with you. They are responsible for making sure that the right kind of content is shared on the platform. Depending on the resource you want to share, this might be a brief chat, or it might involve further questions, or making some changes to make sure the resource is appropriate for a range of potential users.

  3. Resource is shared

    Once it has been approved by the reviewers, your resource will be added to the platform for others to access. Everything added to the site will be attributed to the creators.

  4. Feedback and collaboration

    We’re looking at ways that users can give feedback on resources, and share suggestions and modifications that they have. We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions about this.

Get involved in reviewing the collection

Our goal is to ensure that everything shared here with the community is reviewed by the community. We're looking for volunteers to review suggestions and work with contributors to provide the network with great, useful tools that will really make an impact on research work across CCRP. If you want to offer your expertise to help this process, please contact us.

Give suggestions and feedback

We want to hear from you, the prospective users of this platform, to find out what you want from it. We are seeking suggestions, requests and comments from CCRP projects, grantees, and anyone working with FRNs. Please get in touch.

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