What is the FRN Toolkit?

How Does it Work?

Access tools and resources

These are available on the Tools page, selected specifically with FRNs and related work in mind. We hope to expand this collection and promote sharing and collaboration across the network.

Contribute to the platform

Anyone working with CCRP can share resources they have developed, or which they have discovered to be most helpful, so that other FRNs, groups and projects can benefit from them.

Reviewed and curated collection

Volunteer reviewers from across CCRP will review the quality of new resources before they are shared, and ensure that the collection promotes good practice and is suitable for sharing.

Core Tenets of the Platform

These are our long-term aims for how the platform will work and what is to be included:

  1. Tools shared through the platform are not prescriptive. They are templates/ideas/tools for users to take, modify, improve on and make their own.

  2. Available tools should encourage 'good practice' in both data collection and study design / planning.

  3. Available tools should include clear guidance, including:
    • The intended purpose of the tool;
    • The structure of data that result from use of the tool;
    • Key indicators that the data collected through the tool can calculate;
    • Possible suggestions on how to contextualise the tool;

  4. The platform itself should be easy to use.
    • It will initially be available online, so will be naturally targeted at internet-enabled researchers.
    • The tools should be easy to find, search and filter through.
    • The platform will translated into multiple languages. There will be a mechanism for including more languages in the future.

  5. The platform will accept and be able to manage ODK form modules and analogue tools; both qualitative and quantitative instruments

  6. The design of the platform will be sufficiently open to enable future development, e.g.:
    • enabling quick packaging of particular sets of tools onto portable media (USB Sticks, DVDs)

  7. The platform itself will be designed using open source technologies and the codebase of the platform will be available through a permissive open licence.